How To Cook Different Cuts Of Pork

Cooking with Pork
The most important thing to remember about cooking with pork is that it must never be under cooked or overcooked. There are several cuts of pork that make irresistible entrees for family or guests. Pork offers a sumptuous flavor to sauces, stews and soups. Pork also barbecues to a wonderful, irresistible texture and flavor. The best part of cooking with different cuts of pork is how versatile it is.

Different Cuts of Pork
Pork loin is great for roasting, rotisserie,
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The Meats of BBQ

Whether you’re looking up recommendations on your T1 internet connection or you’re just driving around Kansas hoping to stumble on good BBQ you’ve got to know the ropes. Here’s a crash course on the holy trinity of smoke – the meats you need for BBQ:
Beef – Most popular in Texas, Beef Brisket is one of the tenets of a good BBQ chef. If a place has dry brisket you can bet some of their other meats aren’t that great and whatever you do, don’t smother this one in sauce.
Pork – Pork is the main ingredient in most BBQ. All around the south BBQ chefs are creating new pulled pork and pork rib dishes with a variety of different sauces ranging from vinegar to tomato based – some sweet, some tangy.
Chicken – True barbeque connoisseurs know how hard it is to make truly moist, succulent chicken. BBQ chicken isn’t going to be your most exciting choice but it’s going to be good if the rest of the food is. Try it on a sandwich (usually white bread) for a true barbeque experience.

Marinating Or Basting: Which Is Better?

Sometimes it is easy to figure out what to do for a cut of meat to make it more tender and flavorful and then again it may take some extra effort to get it to be palatable. I would say generally to purchase the best cuts of meat and poultry for barbecuing because they are automatically tasty. But in any case there are some good rules to remember when trying to create a memorable
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What’s With These New Big Green Eggs?

The new trend in outdoor grilling comes in the form of a big egg-shaped grill known as the Big Green Egg. Based on ancient domed Chinese cooking pots made of clay, the egg is supposedly one of the best pieces of barbecue equipment available. The Big Green Egg company was started in 1974 by Ed Fisher who, having returned
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Tailgating: Essentials On What To Cook

You are heading off to a football game. Before you can head in to the game, you need to do some tailgating. But what are you going to make to eat? There are many different foods that can be made, but we will just touch on a few of the greats.

Chicken wings are an absolute favorite for tailgating. With wings you are able to cook them in so many different ways too.Additional information can be found
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Rubs Or Marinating: Which Is Better?

When it comes to grilling meats, the question of whether to use a rub or a flavorful marinade on a choice cut of steak or chicken breast can spark a lot of controversy. People have their own personal preferences. Knowing the differences and benefits of each can help, but it still depends on the type, cut and end result you want to achieve.

A rub is a mixture of herbs and spices,
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Charcoal Or Gas: Which Is Better?

There has always been a highly heated debate about the best fuel for grilling meats. While many people have decided that charcoal is the best option, more and more people are being converted over to gasses such as propane for their cooking needs. Since the debate is likely never going to be settled amongst either party, it is probably
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